Easy Ways to Up Your SEO Ranking

This article will address the mysterious word “SEO” that has caused an uproar in online world. Not long after the creation of the internet and when the internet started being relatively accessible to users around the world SEO was created. SEO is essentially playing with the ropes of search engines such as Google. What it does is, it helps put priority on your business website on top of others in a search engine result pages.  SEO for short but in full form is referred to as Search Engine Optimization. As you would imagine, it is an extremely critical aspect for businesses to have an online persona that is significant. To establish this is rather harder than expected. Giving your business into the hands of agencies such as Wellington SEO services could be a good idea. As it is important, what are the easy ways of upping your SEO ranking?

Web design-  Web design is an important element in this industry. To up your SEO ranking you must first  beat your competitors in this aspect. This is because with what depends on website design is the user-friendliness of said website. A good website design will embody effectiveness, learnability and memorability. Effectiveness is to ensure that these users that happen to click on your website will achieve their objectives in a fast manner without lagging. Learnability comes to the role of being able to learn to go around and use the website with just a matter of minutes. Memorability is important so that users can go back to your website in the future.

Mobile Phones- In today’s age, almost no one is without a phone. As said earlier, businesses must move with the times therefore websites must be made in a way that it can be viewed easily on mobile phones. The number of people that take out their laptop just to google a simple question is decreasing after the invention of mobile phones that have access to the internet. An important fact to note is that Google as of April 2015 has started to punish websites that are not mobile phone friendly. They do this by pushing your website down the list of their search engine ranking.

Contact- From the surveys that have been done it is said that users find websites with easy and accessible ways to contact them more credible than websites that do not. If you do not have a Facebook Page or an email address in today’s day and age it might appear sketchy to your users. Therefore it is important that you provide your information so that your potential customers won’t go to your competitors and contact you easily.

In conclusion, there multiple methods to bump up your ranking regarding SEO. There is no ‘best’ method as all of them are important. Therefore the more you incorporate in your website then in accordance to that this should bump your ranking equally.

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