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Designing for the new Ecommerce market

Malaysia’s Ecommerce and Web Design is continuing its cashless trend as mobile users continue to rise and social media traffic increases as the years roll on. However, many people would still acknowledge that even at the height of technological evolution that Malaysia has ever see, folks will still be looking towards their supermarkets to buy weekly and monthly groceries during the weekends, a synonymous sentiment shared among Web Design Malaysia citizens alike. But there’s a change in the grocery shopping environment, and many companies are looking to use ECommerce as well as design their website based on it to take over or at the least get a cut of the digital market revenue. Grocery shopping will soon be defined not just by the act of physically visiting your supermarket and buying them but also with a touch of your smartphone and in the comfort of your home.

This implementation has already been made by the largest international E-commerce site Amazon through the use of their Prime initiative, wherein subscribers are offered the ability to purchase items online and have them be delivered to them within the day, a service that has helped grow the grocery shopping aspect to where it is today with plans to use and O2O E-commerce model wherein your customers can visit Amazon grocery stores to shop for their weekly groceries but pay online so as to eliminate the need to wait in line and make the whole experience go smoother, a sign of how the design website influences the eventual growth towards an evolved shopping experience.

Now Malaysia is looking to do the same with its own market with the country having of the leading Ecommerce markets in Southeast Asia. Hypermarket giant Tesco introduced their redesigned site known as Tesco online to Malaysians in order to capitalise on the growing market by offering delivery services to Petaling Jaya, the Klang Valley and Johor Bahru with plans to increase delivery services across the entire country. Jaya Grocer has also made lengths to update optimise their online grocery deliveries by offering larger selection of choices with their current limitation being their current delivery operation limited to Selangor. Either way the Ecommerce Malaysia landscape looks to be changing rapidly.

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